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Employees and organizations across all fields require upskilling in order to gain competitive advantage in the rapidly changing digitalized world of today.

How to upskill

Digitalization is changing work across all fields rapidly

54% of European professionals will require digital retraining by 2022

EIT Digital Professional school offers professionals courses in the most relevant subjects

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Upskilling studio gives an opportunity to experts from different backgrounds to discuss and address upskilling challenges and opportunities related to the digital transformation of Europe. The main topics include business, technology and education.



Digital education is more important than ever

Research shows that 44% of professionals lack the digital skills they need and that only 20% of women are participating professionally in the digital world. How is EIT tackling this challenge and what concrete actions can we take to gain all the creative force available?


How is digitalisation changing the requirements of our workforce?

Professor Taina Tukiainen breaks down how the rapid development of today’s digital technologies is changing what professional capabilities we need to develop and enforce in order to stay competitive in the digital era.


Different levels of upskilling

Upskilling is not only about the individual. Dr. Ismo Laukkanen breaks down the different levels of upskilling and how they differ from each other.


Promoting lifelong learning

Lifelong learning and its importance has become evident in the rapidly changing world of today. What is the role of EIT in promoting lifelong learning and constant professional development?


Disrupting todays educational systems with innovative ideas

How can we utilize the minds and energy of young people to solve global problems such as climate change, especially in countries where education is not accessible to everyone?


Why it’s important to bridge the gap between digital and non-digital

The digital world of today presents us a challenge to keep up with technologies that are developing increasingly rapidly. Mr Lorenzo Angeli and Ms Milena Stoycheva talk about the opportunities that lie in bringing together digital and non-digital disciplinaries across all generations.


Change and reinvention as defining characters of education

They say the only constant is change. Change means new challenges that keep us motivated. In the rapidly changing world of today we need to be constantly reinventing ourselves. But how is this showing within our education systems? Mr Will Martin argues that enforcing entrepreneurship and empowering people to be self-directed learners is how we will solve our problems in the future.


Rethinking education to be open and accessible

Dr. Sjoerd de Vries take a stance on the accessibility of education. How do we redesign universities and even how we define education to be more open to all and encourage constant professional development and lifelong learning?


Disrupting education inequality with an innovative education community

Start North is an innovative education community that is here to disrupt this problem by bridging the gap between mentors and those willing to learn.

Why choose EIT Digital Professional School

High-quality education relevant to industry. Strong portfolio of professional courses is developed together with Europe’s high-ranking universities of technology and EIT Digital industry partners.

Blended Learning. The blended learning format meets the needs of busy, time-poor professionals and allows them to access efficient learning and training in an agile and user-friendly way.

Pan-European Ecosystem. The EIT Digital Professional School is part of Pan-European Ecosystem, a diverse partnership of first-class digital innovation actors, including universities, research institutes and business.

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